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alex ghionis, brighton/ belfast

An amazing video from French photojournalist ‘Manni’ documenting the real day to day of Homs, Syria.

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Sunny side of the street by Shazalakazoo is enough to warm up this freezing morning.

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The Secret Archives of the Vatican’s West of Eden is delightful. Globalsteppin’!

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East Coast Mainline

In comfort
England slips past.

Over rivers and streams
and by glimpses of copses,
rabbits and foxes,
past empty platforms and orchards
we mix the wild flowers’ scent.

and we plunge into darkness,
and we awaken in misty forests of brick and cement
to glimpse choked back gardens,
The bustle of pardons,
and grind to a halt.

Stepping into the streets is a surprise
for those who watched England slip past -
And like memories of the dream last
what was there may be but lies.

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"My friends and I on some of our last holidays together as mates. We used to be lads-on-tour 2k9, but then they stopped inviting me. "

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Saharan Blues

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Just sent my CV

to the North Korean Ministry of Propaganda as they need extra people on board to keep spinning bullshit to keep Jung-il’s spirit alive during these days of mourning . £80k p.a.!

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America cares - if it pays.
2011 has been full of natural disasters - the tsunami/earthquake in Japan; an earthquake in New Zealand; famine in the Horn of Africa; floods in Pakistan and the Philippines; worst droughts in China in over 60 years; etc…

In early 2005 the UN set up the Central Emergency Relief Fund into which governments donate with the aim of speeding up initial responses to crisis zones and organising operations through one central fund. In case of disasters, aid agencies can use a central fund to coordinate relief - equally important is that money is available in advance, preventing delays in waiting for governments to respond.

In 2011 the United Kingdom donated £94 million to it.

The USA donated £6 million.

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